This cleansing duo features two of our award-winning cleansers, Melting Moment Cleansing Balm and Triple Action Cleanser, perfectly paired to activate your morning or evening skincare regime, working together to effortlessly melt away makeup, SPF and pollution and minimise the spread of breakouts and blemishes.  

Step 1 

Begin your cleansing ritual with our bestseller: Melting Moment Cleansing Balm. This luxurious balm to oil cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive. Citrusy and bright, this cleansing balm will never leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy, only fresh, clean, and radiant. As oils absorb oils, this cleansing balm is even ideal to use on oily skin types, and helps ensure that any potentially pore clogging oil soluble debris is effectively cleansed away, leaving oily skin feeling clean and fresh.  

To use, apply to dry skin, gently massaging in circular motions. Rinse off using warm water or a damp cotton cloth. 

Step 2 

Next, perform a targeted second cleanse with Triple Action Cleanser. ​ 

Containing natural botanical Thyme extract, which has antibacterial properties to help fight the spread of blemish causing bacteria on the surface of the skin, assisting in the reduction of breakouts, Triple Action Cleanser is a non-foaming gel cleanser particularly suited to combination and oily skin types. 

Respecting the skin’s naturally occurring slightly acidic barrier, this pH balanced non-stripping gel leaves oily skin feeling fresh and clean without over stripping or leaving skin feeling compromised.  

The perfect second step in a double cleansing regime, Triple Action Cleanser may also be used alone in the morning for a fresh makeup-ready complexion or popped into your gym bag to gently cleanse and bring skin back to pH balance post workout.  

Apply a grape-sized amount of Triple Action Cleanser to dry or damp skin. Thoroughly massage into the entire face and remove residue with a warm, damp face cloth. 

Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image
Still unsure which cleanser would be best for your skin? Click here to book in for a virtual Skin Consultation with one of our qualified Skin Specialists, to find your bespoke routine tailored to your individual needs.