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Alpha-H Prescriptive Range

Not Your Average Clinical Skincare Partner

Together with leading skincare distributor BLC, discover how Alpha-H can seamlessly enhance your clinical skin offering.


27+ Years of Clinical Expertise

Alpha-H is known for delivering clinical results at home, because we started in clinics.
In fact, the cult Alpha-H Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment was originally designed to extend the results achieved from in-clinic peels as a safe and effective at-home exfoliation treatment.
Today, Liquid Gold is famously the closest thing you can get to an in-clinic chemical peel, at home.
From innovation to education, clinical expertise has always anchored everything we do.
Our late founder Michelle Doherty began her career as a beauty therapist before pioneering the use of chemical exfoliants in at-home skincare.
"You have to get skin out of its comfort zone. When you create that controlled and measured sensation at skin’s lower levels, your skin self-heals and becomes more resilient. It's like pressing the reset button. You can't do that with fluff and puff that just sits on the surface of the skin."​​

Michelle Doherty



The Experts in Chemical Peels

The Alpha-H Prescriptive range of exclusive-to-channel professional formulations is anchored in 3 chemical peels proven to deliver immediate and sustained results.
Unlike other clinical treatments, chemical peels are one of the few treatments that provide immediate results that can be extended and maintained at home.
Alpha-H chemical peels can be offered as standalone treatments, or combined with existing protocols on your treatment menu.
Rather than replace your existing offering, Alpha-H Prescriptive is designed to sit perfectly alongside other functional and sensorial brands as the exfoliation specialist.
“There is no skin concern a chemical peel can’t address. Fine lines and wrinkles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, solar keratosis, photo damage, breakouts, acne and post-acne scarring, elastosis - everything."

LeeAnne Leslie




A Holistic Approach to Healthy Skin

We believe ultimate skin health can only be achieved by combining a consistent cosmeceutical at-home skincare routine with regular clinical treatments.
Alongside the Alpha-H Prescriptive range, partner spas, salons and clinics can provide clients with our trusted retail range.
Our best-selling exfoliants, cleansers, serums, moisturisers and SPFs are formulated to help clients maintain clinical results at home between professional treatments.

Leverage Our PR & Marketing Machine

What makes us different to other more traditional cosmeceutical brands? Our approach to building clinic and salon partnerships is all about collaboration, not competition.

Ranging Alpha-H Prescriptive unlocks access to not only our global brand awareness and audience, but the demand-driving retail range, exclusive offers, dedicated training and marketing opportunities.

Think: Influencer partnerships, social content collaborations, PR and editorial coverage, pop-up eventing and consumer activations.

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Discover how Alpha-H can seamlessly enhance your clinical skin offering.