The second step to building resilient skin.

There’s no doubt about it, chemical exfoliating acids – like Glycolic, Lactic, Kojic, Salicylic, Citric and Pyruvic Acids – are all the rage right now. And for good reason. These powerful ingredients are renowned for their ability to unglue dull, dead cells and other impurities that build up on skin’s surface. And without lingering debris, beneficial molecules can penetrate deeper to noticeably improve skin texture, repair past damage, reduce pore size, boost collagen and erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And ultimately, build the skin’s resilience.

That said, Acid use can be tricky to navigate. 

Start a new acid treatment and you may experience some unfamiliar sensations.

For instance, when introducing a Glycolic Acid treatment into a routine, like Alpha-H Liquid Gold which has 5% Glycolic Acid, you’ll likely feel a mild, but perfectly safe tingle. You may even experience breakouts as your pores are purged. You can also experience such symptoms when levelling up to stronger potency Accelerating Acids – like our Beauty Sleep Power Peel which has 15% Glycolic Acid. This activity is actually proof that the Glycolic Acid is hard at work! Rebooting the skin from within. Stimulating its self-correcting ability. Pushing it to work better, harder to improve its health and resilience.

The reaction is only temporary. And here’s where the importance of commitment comes in. Stick with the initial tingle and changes that occur, and Accelerating Acids will totally transform your skin revealing a healthier, clearer, smoother, brighter, glowing complexion.

For those new to Accelerating Acids, there are a few ways to soften the impact of that initial reaction, we recommend:

  • Introduce your skin to a new acid treatment gradually. For instance, use Liquid Gold every third evening vs. the suggested every other evening.
  • Whilst our Accelerating Acids perform optimally when unadulterated (used without other products), when introducing new Acids to your routine, you can ‘buffer’ them by applying a gentle moisturiser afterwards to begin with – this buffers the pH slightly, slowing the delivery into the skin.
  • Opt for a gentle, pH balanced cleansers to support your skin’s acid mantle and to ensure the skin is pH balanced
  • Wear a sunscreen every day (this is a non-negotiable in skincare, and not only for new acid users, for everyone)

Not all acids are equal

Many acid treatments are formulated at a pH that is 7 or higher. This renders them alkaline. So long before they ever reach your skin’ surface, they are neutralized, deactivated, rendered ineffective. Alpha-H’s Accelerating Acids are formulated in the most bioavailable, free acid form. They feature the lowest pH possible to keep them potent – and protected against irritating reactions. So even acid-newbies can enjoy the benefits without worry.

Many other acid treatments are formulated at a pH that is close to the skin’s naturally occurring pH to reduce any chance of temporary discomfort. However, reducing the “tingle” and chance of irritation is also likely to decreases the efficiency. Formulating at a pH of 7 and above for example, actually renders them alkaline. In this instance – long before they ever reach the skin’s surface – they are neutralised, deactivated and rendered ineffective. When Accelerating Acids are neutralised they become less bioavailable or unable to penetrate the Stratum Corneum (the top layer of the epidermis).

Free Acid is the name given to un-neutralised Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Free acid is able to readily penetrate the Stratum Corneum (top Layer) making it more bioavailable to the skin. This is the key to the Alpha-H difference. Our Accelerating Acids feature a unique low pH delivery system to ensures rapid and effective penetration, making them very active and efficacious. This is why we see visible, measurable results in the skin.

In addition, we formulate our Accelerating Acid treatments to include soothing and skin fortifying antioxidants and botanical ingredients to preserve and respect the integrity of the skin, helping to minimise any associated downtime.

Include these Accelerating Acids into your skin care regimen.

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