Estrogen deficient skin

Estrogen deficient skin

The group of hormones known as estrogens are responsible for many functions in the human body, playing a vital role in contributing to the ongoing health of vital organs including the heart, blood vessels, brain, bones, and some reproductive systems.   

Estrogen also plays a pivotal role in the health of our skin and for some women, when estrogen declines, this can cause significant changes in skin.  

Our skin is an estrogen-responsive tissue, and many studies show that estrogen plays an important role in skin physiology. It contributes to the production of skin-supporting proteins like collagen and elastin, helps regulate melanin production, controls the skin’s inflammatory response, and enhances the skin’s wound healing ability helping to delay the skin’s aging process.   

What are the signs of Estrogen deficient skin?  

Estrogen-deficient skin is visibly apparent during the pre-menopause and menopause period for some women and contributes to several noticeable skin conditions.  

Skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, pronounced hyperpigmentation and increased sensitivity are all common and occur as a direct result of hormonal fluctuation, predominantly lack of estrogen. Epidermal thinning due to impaired collagen regeneration can also mean a lesser ability for moisture retention therefore an increase in trans epidermal water loss, leaving skin dehydrated and compromised. This disrupted barrier function can also increase the risk of infection, reactive skin and inhibit the skin’s defense mechanisms against oxidative stress causing accelerated ageing and can increase the risk of skin cancer.  

Does declining estrogen mean I need to change my skincare?  

Changes to the skin, including increased sensitivity, dryness and a lowered tolerance to active ingredients, can sometimes signal the need to modify your regular skincare regime.  

Estrogen helps the skin retain moisture by promoting the production of natural lipids and Hyaluronic acid. Avoid cleansers that leave the skin stripped and feeling tight. A creamy pH-balanced cleanser like Balancing Cleanser is best and is suitable for all skin types.   

If you find your skin feeling dryer than normal, switching over to a nourishing lipid-rich cleanser such as Melting Moment Cleansing Balm can really help. This luxurious balm to oil cleanser doubles up as a hydrating mask. Simply apply a thin layer to clean skin and leave on for up to 10 minutes before removing gently with a warm damp face cloth  

Low estrogen levels can mean skin cell turnover slows down leaving skin looking tired and dull. You may also find your regular exfoliant too stimulating. Select products that gently accelerate skin turnover such as Generation Glow. Liquid Gold users experiencing estrogen-related changes may like to make the swap over to After Hours AHA Moisturiser three evenings a week.  

Boost hydration levels each morning with Hyaluronic 8 Serum followed by ceramide rich, antioxidant Vitamin E Serum to help fortify the skins natural barrier and increase resistance to damaging oxidative stress.  

Always remember to apply an SPF daily and reapply as directed.