Event Prep 101: When should I exfoliate?

Event Prep 101: When should I exfoliate?

When it comes to prepping for an event, everyone has their own regimen and approach – choosing an outfit, shoes, accessories, hair, body hair, nails, fake tan etc. etc. But have you ever woken up to a patchy tan or when you go to apply your makeup it’s just not sitting quite right?  

With so many things to think about, it’s easy to forget about getting your skin ready for the event too, but there’s one easy step you can add to your prep to give you a smooth, glowing and radiant complexion fit for any event: exfoliating.  

How can exfoliating help?

It’s not news to most that exfoliating helps to keep a radiant glow all year around. Your skin naturally regenerates itself and clears dead cells on the surface, but as we get older our skin renewal process naturally slows down (more on that here). Exfoliating regularly keeps that process happening smoothly; dull, dead skin is sloughed away, and fresh, new cells underneath can shine through. This not only helps to tackle texture and diminish the visible signs of ageing but also makes achieving a flawless complexion with (or without) makeup a whole lot easier. Application is smoother, quicker, and uses much less product.  

At the same time, just like the skin on our faces, our body renews its skin cells too; shedding the dull and dead surface skin to reveal brighter, fresh skin underneath. Left to happen alone, this can often leave dry, dull, or textured areas on the body where skin needs a little help to shed properly. Apply your fake tan straight on top of that and cue patchy knees, elbows, and ankles, with other event goers remembering your terrible tan over your killer outfit.   

Enter Micro Super Scrub for Face and Body; your one-minute exfoliation skin saviour. Blended with 12% Glycolic Acid, eco-friendly Bamboo Stem Extract and Caffeine, this dual action physical and chemical formula activates skin renewal for smooth skin that radiates clarity.

But when should you exfoliate your body before an event?  

If you’re going for a bronzed fake tan or you’ve chosen your beautiful natural skin tone, exfoliating your body the night before an event will leave you with smooth, glowing skin the next day. Massage a physical exfoliant (like Micro Super Scrub) onto damp skin in the desired area for up to 1-2 minute, then rinse away to reveal brighter, smoother skin. This is the ideal prep for a glowing fake tan; leaving an even and clear surface for the perfect application the night before your event.  

Pro Tip: Moisturise daily to keep your fake tan looking fresher and more even for longer.  

And what about your face?  

Whether you’re planning to go full-glam or keep it simple with a no-makeup makeup look, exfoliating is the quickest route to a smooth, glowing complexion. Exfoliating within your regular routine is the best option for long-term radiance but if you’re just thinking about that up-coming event, we suggest starting a week before the big day. Use Micro Super Scrub in your evening routine 3 or 4 days before the event, to kick start the skin renewal process and shift away any dull or dead skin on the surface. Then, give that renewal process a boost the morning of your event, to clear away any stubborn dead skin and smooth your complexion ready for quick and easy makeup application. Slot Micro Super Scrub in between your cleanser and your serum application, and make sure you’re finishing your skincare routine with an SPF if your event is during the day.