Sync your cycle

Sync your cycle

It’s no secret that hormones greatly affect the behaviour of our skin, and contribute to characteristics such as excess oil, congestion, breakouts, and extreme dryness. So, it’s not surprising that we’re likely to see many of these throughout our menstrual cycle. 

Being in tune with how your body is changing during this time can really help to get ahead of the game. Just a few tweaks to your regular routine can give your skin everything it needs at each different stage for your most radiant complexion. 

The Hormonal Skin Cycle 

Phase 1: Menstruation (day 1-5) 

During menstruation, your levels of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are reasonably low which can leave the skin feeling dry/dehydrated and looking dull, making fine lines and wrinkles appear more defined. Now is the time to give your skin a little extra TLC with nourishing additions to your routine. 

Melting Moment Cleansing Balm not only effortlessly removes stubborn makeup and SPF, but also doubles as a leave on mask. Apply a thin layer and leave for 10minutes to replenish moisture and deeply nourish a dehydrated skin.  

Hyaluronic 8 Super Serum is an excellent addition to boost hydration levels by binding moisture to the skin, or if you’re skin is feeling stressed or irritated, Vitamin E Serum helps to soothe and calm while replenishing hydration. And don’t forget to lock that moisture in with an occlusive moisturiser such as Essential Hydration Cream. 

Phase 2: The Follicular Phase (day 6-14) 

The Follicular Phase sees all hormone levels begin to slowly rise, and higher hormone levels mean more natural moisture and collagen production making skin feel stronger and more elastic. During this phase your skin will likely be at its best balance with less dryness or excess oil, and less irritation. Expect to see a healthy glow, and even an uplift in your mood as levels of serotonin also rise. 

New to acids or looking to level up your exfoliation? Now is a great time to try something new, especially when it comes to actives and accelerating acids.  

Vitamin C Serum is a lightweight, hydrating daily serum formulated with 10% Vitamin C (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid) working to improve the appearance of pigmentation, texture and tone giving your whole complexion a healthy glow. 

Industry first Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum combines Granactive Retinoid and Glycolic Acid, working together to exfoliate dull and dead skin cells and accelerate skin turnover to reveal a healthy, radiant complexion. 

Or explore the perfect overnight facial with Beauty Sleep Power Peel. Triple action exfoliation comes from Retinol, Glycolic Acid and Papaya Enzymes, formulated alongside a host of skin loving ingredients such as Shea Butter, Panthenol, Grapeseed Oil and Mango Seed Butter to deeply nourish and hydrate while you sleep. 

Phase 3: Ovulation (day 14) 

Around 2 weeks into your cycle is when ovulation happens. Estrogen tends to peak across these days which often results in a healthy glow to the skin before levels of this - as well as testosterone - begin to gradually decrease. While these are decreasing however, progesterone is rising which can see an increase in oil production. 

Keep your skincare light and let your natural glow shine through. Vitamin B Serum is a lightweight powerhouse of environmental protection and hydration without leaving the skin feeling greasy. And of course, SPF is non-negotiable all year round. Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ gives broad spectrum protection from harmful UV rays while providing lightweight hydration with a soft matte finish. 

Phase 4: Luteal Phase (day 15-28) 

Progesterone levels are peaking and as oil production continues to increase, it’s common to see congestion and increased bacteria during the second half of a cycle which can often lead to breakouts and blemishes. It’s also the time you’ll potentially experience additional symptoms such as food cravings, bloating and shifts in your mood. 

Salicylic Acid is the perfect partner for an oily or problematic skin. If you experience areas of congestion or substantial blemishes, Clear Skin Tonic can help to exfoliate pores from the inside out, clearing excess oil and bacteria and breaking the repetitive cycle of a breakout. If you’re fortunate enough to just suffer with the odd pimple, reach for Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel to target individual blemishes, reducing the appearance of blemish size and redness. 

If you struggle with on-going blemishes outside of this phase Vitamin A Serum is a great introduction to Retinol, working to accelerate skin renewal, battle breakouts, and build radiance. 

More questions? 

While it may seem overwhelming to get your head around so many phases and potential changes, our best advice? Listen to your skin, your routine doesn’t have to be set in stone. Get to know which of your products help with what and reach for them when your skin calls for it.