For those southern hemisphere beauties who are saying a sad goodbye to the final hints of summer (sob), it’s time to repair the damage done over summer, and boost your hydration as we head into the cooler months. Not the right season change for you? Find our winter to summer tips here.


It all starts with your cleansing routine

For those of you who are regular readers of The Edit, this isn’t going to be a new topic for you, and hopefully you’re already a step ahead here. If you haven’t already though, now is definitely the time to switch away from cleansers which strip your skin (we’re looking at you, most foaming cleansers) and repair your skin’s pH and acid mantle. By switching to a non-foaming cleanser (all of ours fit the description!) your skin can repair its defences and lock moisture in properly, helping to prepare your skin for the brisk and seriously less humid winter air. Looking for your perfect cleanser match? More on that here.


Turn up the moisture factor

Many of us like to switch to a lighter moisturiser in summer as things can get a bit sticky. Now is the time to pull those luxuriously rich creams back out and help build your skin’s moisture reserves which your boosted acid mantle can then lock down. Moisture is a key part of your acid mantle, and unless your skin has enough of it, it may begin to overproduce sebum (oil) to try and balance things out. A well moisturised skin is also going to function better, so it’s healthier by default. Need help choosing? Read our moisturiser matchmaker article here.


Boost the antioxidants

Vitamins are a great way to help your skin through a season change of any variety. We’re not talking orally ingested vitamins though (your internal organs snaffle most of those), but rather topically-applied vitamin serums which allow you to customise your skincare any day of the week based on what your skin is needing. Heading outdoors? Layer Vitamin C under your SPF. Dehydrated? Boost your moisture with Vitamin B! Skin looking a little fatigued? Say hello to emergency repair with Vitamin E.


Don’t forget the SPF

While the full heat of summer is starting to disappear, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you don’t suddenly forget the SPF! Regardless of whether it’s a scorching hot summer day or a frosty winter one, your skin is being bathed in UVA and UVB every minute there’s sunlight around. We produce a range of different SPF moisturisers which allows you select the one which is best suited for your needs on any given day, whether you’re bathing in blue light in the office, or out on a hike.


Mind the heat

Last but not least, while we completely understand the temptation to take a long, relaxing hot shower or bath during the cooler months, just be careful it’s not too hot. If you’re heating things up too much in the bathroom, you can actually strip away the oils that help form your acid mantle (even if you’re using a non-foaming cleanser), leading to dehydration and dryness. It’s ok – you don’t have to take a cold shower! Just don’t make it too hot. If you notice you look a bit red afterwards, you probably need to cool things down a little.

Unsure which products are best suited to your skin needs? Request a live online skin consultation with one of our highly trained therapists.