Australian Flannel Flower Extract

Loaded with natural Amino Acids and antioxidants, this locally sourced botanical helps prevent oxidative stress, support Collagen production and improve skin hydration and barrier function.

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  1. Common Skin Concerns in Your 30s
  2. Dull Skin Routine
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  5. Best Moisturiser

    Googling ‘best skin care routine for 30s’? Same.

    That's because now I've entered this decade, I've noticed my skin radiance isn't as glowy as it used to be.

    So, I asked Alpha-H's Clinical Training and Education Manager LeeAnne Leslie to prescribe me a skincare routine to help.

    If your skin is looking tired and dull, read on.

Recap: Skin in Your 30s.

First, here's a recap of the most common skin concerns people experience in their 30s:

  • Your 30s is when the first visible signs of premature ageing start feeling more noticeable
  • This includes things like fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, and hyperpigmentation
  • 30s skin will may also lok duller than 20s skin
    “This is because the rate of skin turnover decreases as we age, causing a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface and contributing to a lacklustre appearance." LeeAnne says.

So that’s the why behind 30s skincare.

Now, here's your quick and easy 30s skincare routine to manage uneven skin tone, dullness and signs of premature ageing.