For as long as I can remember, the aim of using beauty and skincare products has been to avoid showing any signs of age and maintain a youthful appearance. Look younger, fight ageing, turn back the clock – sound familiar? 

But when did we start fearing age, and why has the notion of showing your age become such a negative idea?  

With age comes growth, knowledge, wisdom and experience. An elder used to be someone to look up to; learn from and respect. Ageing should be something to embrace, not something to avoid at all costs. And most importantly, ageing is a privilege that so many people don’t get to experience. We are fortunate to have the opportunity. 

At Alpha-H we’re not afraid to say it out loud – ageing is inevitable! You can’t hide from it forever and it’s happening to each and every one of us.  

Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image

The realities of unavoidable skin ageing 

Ever heard of intrinsic ageing? It’s the inevitable, genetically determined process that occurs in your skin naturally due to the body’s inability to repair damage as easily as we get older. 

Intrinsic ageing is a continuous process that you might be surprised to hear actually begins in our mid-20s. Noticeable changes include the slowing in production of proteins elastin and collagen causing skin to lose its youthful bounce, as well as desquamation (skin’s natural exfoliation process) slowing, leaving skin dull, textured and dry. 

Over time, cells begin to deteriorate causing internal changes to bone and fat that may not become evident on the surface for decades - hollowed cheeks and eye sockets, as well as loss of firmness and sagging to name a few. 

That’s right. Regardless of how much skincare you use throughout your lifetime; intrinsic ageing is inevitable. That said, there’s also a second side to ageing. 

Preventable skin ageing 

The other side of the coin is called extrinsic ageing and refers to external environmental factors that cause visible damage to the skin, magnifying the signs of intrinsic ageing. Studies have shown that a whopping 80% of visible ageing is due to external factors*. What’s more surprising is that it’s largely preventable! 

Most extrinsic ageing is caused by sun exposure, though other factors like smoking, pollution and stress can also contribute. The outcome of over exposure to external aggressors can range from dehydration, loss of elasticity, fine lines and pigmentation, to serious health issues like melanoma. 

We’re not saying down tools and give up on skincare all together, just that it’s worth considering that some things can’t be changed. Our advice? Respect your skin, and put more focus on supporting, protecting, and nurturing, making it stronger and building resilience. A healthy skin is a happy skin, and a radiant glow can be one of the most youthful visions of all. 

How can we support the ageing process with skincare? 

We all want to look our best, at every age. Extrinsic premature skin ageing and damage can be influenced and reduced with due care and diligence. Below is our guide on supporting your skin’s natural functions and protecting from external aggressors. 

Respect your pH: 

As we’ve mentioned in the past, cleansing is the cornerstone of any good routine. A disrupted acid mantle can exacerbate existing concerns and lead to additional problems occurring. Choose a pH balanced cleanser like our creamy Balancing Cleanser or non-foaming Triple Action Cleanser to keep your skin healthy and balanced. 

Accelerate renewal: 

One of the first processes to slow down is desquamation (skin’s natural exfoliation). Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment with 5% Glycolic Acid works by breaking down the protein bonds that hold dead skin cells together, accelerating skin renewal to reveal a radiant complexion. Liquid Gold not only helps to shed dull, dead skin, but also supports your skin’s own production of collagen and elastin, to bring back skin’s bounce. 

Boost the antioxidants: 

For all the visible factors that age the skin prematurely there's also invisible invaders known as free radicals. These highly reactive radicals start a chain reaction of damage, attacking valuable proteins like elastin and collagen, both destroying them and reducing their regeneration. Antioxidants terminate the chain reaction before damage is done. Try our antioxidant packed Vitamin Serums to boost your skin’s protection. 

Protect, protect, protect: 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. And again and again. Sun protection is non-negotiable! For a glowing finish, Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF50+ has got you covered. To balance out shine, Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ should be your go to. Both offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection on top of moisturising and priming properties. 

Nurture and nourish: 

Layer and lock in hydration to build your skin’s moisture reserves - a well hydrated skin is a healthy skin. Hyaluronic 8 Serum offers 8 multi-weighted ingredients to plump, hydrate, and smooth, while Essential Hydration Cream deeply moisturise as well as calm stressed skin. 

And remember, ageing is a natural process and fine lines are the sign of a happy life! 

* Friedman O. Changes associated with the aging face. Facial Plast Surg Clin North Am. 2005;13(3):371–380.