Alpha-H Dehydrated Dry Skin Care

Skincare Routine For Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin still produces oil, but feels tight, whereas dry skin produces little to no oil and can be flaky.

It is important to note also, that while drinking water is a must for optimum health, no amount of water consumption can truly replenish dry or dehydrated skin. These recommended products incorporate active ingredients, nourishing oils and botanicals to bring your skins moisture levels back up to where they should be.


Start your day with Balancing Cleanser; a creamy, non-foaming cleanser which will sooth dryness and help balance your skin’s pH so you’re ready to start the day right.

Follow this up with Absolute Eye Complex to smooth and brighten, brighten and plump the skin around your eyes.

Next on your morning agenda is Hyaluronic 8, a genius formulation which combines multi-weighted Hyaluronic Acids alongside other hydrating ingredients to flash fill, perfectly plump and instantly hydrate your skin both externally and internally. It also features pollution and blue light protection ingredients to help future-proof your skin against modern skin aggressors.

Complete your morning routine with Protection Plus Daily SPF50+, to both moisturise your skin and protect it from the effects of UVA/UVB.


Turn up the hydration on your evening routine by starting it with Essential Cleansing Balm. Featuring a luxurious blend of nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin E, Rose Geranium Oil, Coconut Oil and more, this soothing balm melts away your makeup and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, soft and clean. Either double cleanse with this, or use Balancing Cleanser as your second cleanse if you prefer.

As with your morning routine, the next step is Absolute Eye Complex.

Follow your eye cream with our Vitamin B serum which also features ‘super-food’ and ‘super-moisturiser’ Chia Seed. Rich essential fatty acids, Chia Seed has been proven to dramatically increase hydration levels in the skin, as well as reducing trans epidermal moisture loss (TEWL).

Essential Hydration Cream to nourish, protect, soothe and heal your skin. Alternatively, you might like also use Multivitamin Super Cream which boosts production of moisture in the skin. Multivitamin Super Cream is particularly well suited to mature skins, and lipid dry skins.

Complete your routine by sealing the deal with a few drops of Essential Hydration Concentrate – a “hug in a bottle” for your skin which stabilises the lipid barrier and rehydrates the skin.

Tip: To achieve maximum penetration of products, be sure to exfoliate twice per week to eliminate built-up dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Micro Cleanse Super Scrub is a great choice for a fresh, glowing complexion.

Would you like further advice or assistance building your routine? Our highly trained therapists are here to help! Contact us on live chat, submit a consultation card, or request a live online skin consultation to get personalised, complementary advice for your unique needs and concerns.

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