Alpha-H Skin Care FAQ


Because sometimes you have a question that you just need an answer to right away, and we want to give you a greater understanding of our products and brand as best as possible.

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General Brand / Product

Who is Alpha-H right for?

Our skincare range is designed for both women and men, from hormonal teenage skin concerns right up to those looking to take hold of the authentic ageing process.

Alpha-H is suitable for all skin types and conditions; however those with truly sensitive skin will need to take steps to increase their tolerance of the active ingredients to gain desired results.

For teenagers, we do have specific products which are suited to younger skins. Please feel free to contact us on live chat, or request a live online skin consultation.

I am new to Alpha-H, where should I start?

Alpha-H has a range of starter kits which are perfect for beginning your journey with our product range.

Give one of our starter kits a go and learn what’s right for you and your skin.

Need more advice on adding Alpha-H to your regime? Chat with our qualified therapists here.

Are there key ingredients in Alpha-H?

The Alpha-H name has become synonymous with Glycolic Acid – the key ingredient in our number one selling product, Liquid Gold. Glycolic Acid is the most widely used Alpha Hydroxy Acid in the range, however Alpha-H utilises other active ingredients to compliment the results gained from Glycolic Acid. The key ingredients range from potent vitamins to essential oils, structural peptides, invigorating herbs, natural plant extracts and much needed antioxidants.

What results can I expect to see when using Alpha-H?

Alpha-H uses active ingredients to achieve the best results possible. Some tingling and redness may occur as you notice a change in your skin when first using the products. These responses indicate stimulation in the lower layers of the skin to promote the production of firming fibers, increased hydration and the removal of the unwanted build-up of dead skin cells. Your skin will start to feel softer, smoother, and plumper and look more even, with a brighter more youthful glow.

What are the long-term benefits of using Alpha-H Skincare?

Our skin protects us from the external aggressors of everyday life. Unfortunately, the protective mechanisms of the skin tend to flaw our appearance with dead skin build-up, unwanted pigmentation deposits and the excessive breakdown of collagen, forming deep lines and wrinkles. As the skin ages, it becomes less able to hold a solid defence against UV rays, hormones, stress, lifestyle and free radicals. Alpha-H gives the skin a fighting change. Long term use of the range can prevent the skin from succumbing to external aggravators by maintaining a healthy cell renewal process, preventing dead skin build-up and constantly stimulating the firming fibers. Through this, it is possible to slow down the ageing process. Pigment reducing ingredients add to the mix by keeping the skin as flawless as possible, which is further aided by the addition of antioxidants to fight off free radical damage.

It is common for one to think that your skin needs to change from one skin care range to the next over time. This is often related to the feeling that the skin has become “accustomed” to the product and results are not as evident as they first were. Alpha-H has the ability to constantly challenge the skin with pH adjustments, creating waves of stimulation and more. Results are amplified with long term use of Alpha-H, they are not reduced and do not plateau with the natural course of skin ageing.

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid is perhaps the best known Alpha Hydroxy Acid in the cosmetic industry. It can be found naturally in plants such as sugar beets and sugar cane. Glycolic Acid is often selected for use in cosmetic products because of its small molecular structure, ease of penetration into the skin and its water binding properties. Once applied to the skin, Glycolic Acid may may create a tingling sensation on the surface layer of the skin. This is due to it creating dermal response to promote the production of collagen. Collagen works to rejuvenate and remodel the skin’s scaffolding, promoting a smoother and more rigid tone. This also softens fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and encourages a younger looking complexion.

The anti-ageing and firming aspect of Glycolic Acid has ensured it will always have a place in today’s skincare industry; however Glycolic Acid is best known for its exfoliation properties. As we age, our skin’s natural ability to exfoliate itself properly slows, to the point that by the time you are in your 50s, you may have dead skin cells which are 2 months old sitting on the outer layer of your skin. This can leave the skin looking dull and tired. Glycolic Acid exfoliates the skin by melting away the ionic bonds that hold skin cells together. This can help to promote a healthy and constant cell renewal process which is necessary to prevent a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Exfoliation is vital to preventing blocked pores, deep lines and wrinkles, an uneven complexion, dull appearance and thickened skin.

Is Glycolic Acid safe?

Yes. Glycolic Acid can be found naturally in plants such as sugar beets and sugar cane. Glycolic Acid works to dissolve the glue-like bonds that hold dead skin cells together. The cells are then able to very gently be sloughed off to allow new healthy cells to the surface.


Can I use Liquid Gold if I am pregnant?

Yes, Glycolic Acid is considered safe to use during pregnancy. As Liquid Gold contains Glycolic Acid, it can exfoliate the skin, remove dead cell buildup and excess oil which contribute to blocked pores and breakouts. It may also help to even out surface texture and pigment associated with post blemish marking.

Can I use products containing Glycolic Acid long term?

Yes. The skin is constantly renewing itself and Glycolic Acid simply speeds up this process.

What should I expect when using Glycolic products for the first time?

Skin should appear softer and smoother, and pores should appear smaller and more refined. The time this takes varies depending on skin type and skin conditions.

You may experience a slight tingling or redness when first commencing with Glycolic products which may subside as the skin becomes accustomed to Glycolic Acid.

Do I have to wear a sunscreen when I am using products containing Glycolic Acid?

Yes. You should always wear a sunscreen to prevent premature ageing of the skin regardless of whether you are using Glycolic Acid or not. However, due to the resurfacing effects of Glycolic Acid, we recommend a broad-spectrum SPF daily.

Is tingling normal when using Alpha-H products?

It is very normal to experience some tingling when you start using some Alpha-H products. This is due to the Glycolic Acid in the products which creates stimulation deep within the skin. Tingling is a sign that the product is working correctly on your skin. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that once your skin has become accustomed to using more active ingredients this effect will lessen, but that does not mean that the product is no longer working.

How often can I use Liquid Gold?

Liquid Gold is a progressive resurfacing lotion which is recommended to be applied each alternate evening after cleansing with a pH balanced non-foaming cleanser. For best results, leave to work uninterrupted on the skin overnight and do not follow with a moisturiser.

Why do you advise not to put a moisturiser over Liquid Gold?

For maximum results Liquid Gold is best left to work overnight without the exfoliating benefits being buffered by the application of a moisturiser which changes the pH of Liquid Gold, thus slowing penetration. On the evenings you do not apply Liquid Gold you may apply your usual night time regime of serum / moisturiser.

Does Alpha-H test products on animals?

Alpha-H does NOT conduct product or ingredient tests on animals. Alpha-H does not contract any third party companies to perform animal testing on our behalf. We have always stood strong against the mistreatment of animals and will continue to do so.

Does Alpha-H use animal by-product ingredients?

Alpha-H endeavours to limit the use of animal derived products. We limit the use of beeswax, silk amino acids and hydrolysed collagen.  When selecting our suppliers, we ensure they do not harm the animals to extract the animal by products. Our silk amino acids come from 100% silk, which is stripped from the cocoon after the worm has emerged as a moth. The moth is therefore unharmed.  The limited use of hydrolysed collagen from marine sources is due to the inexistence of a quality replacement for this ingredient.

Does Alpha-H use plastic microbeads?

In order to contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem, Alpha-H discontinued the use of Polyethylene Beads in 2015, replacing them with environmentally friendly and biodegradable Jojoba Beads.

What is Alpha-H's palm oil usage policy?

Alpha-H limits the use of palm oil, and selects only certified sustainable RSPO suppliers. This means that we are ensuring the source of the product comes from a sustainable source without a having a negative to the environment, ecosystems and communities.

Where are Alpha-H products manufactured?

Alpha-H is a proudly 100% Australian owned, operated and manufactured. That’s right, all of our products are Made with Love in Australia.

Health and Contraindications

I am pregnant, what can I use from the Alpha-H Skincare range?

Check out this blog post detailing all of the information you need to navigate your skin during pregnancy.

You can find a list of ingredients and Alpha-H products you should avoid in the question below.

What products are safe to use while pregnant?

Products we advise NOT to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding are those products which contain Vitamin A, Vitamin A derivatives, or Salicylic Acid.


Products within our range which contain Vitamin A are:

Vitamin A 0.5% Serum

Balancing and Pore Refining Mask

Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Beauty Sleep Power Mist

Daily Essential Vitamin Mist

Essential Hydration Concentrate

Multivitamin Super Cream


Products within our range which contain Salicylic Acid are those contained in the Clear Skin Collection-

Clear Skin Daily Face and Body Wash

Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel

Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel

Clear Skin Tonic


Should you need further assistance in using Alpha-H during or after pregnancy, please get in touch with one of our qualified therapists via live chat or request a live skin consultation in order to receive advice on the best approach for your changing skin.

What products are vegan friendly?

All Alpha-H products are vegan friendly with the exception of the following –


Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant – Contains hydrolysed collagen (marine)

Clear Skin Daily Moisturiser – Contains hydrolysed collagen

Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask – Contains Honey (MEL)

Absolute Lip Perfector – Contains beeswax (cera alba)

Absolute Lip Perfector Nude Blush – Contains beeswax (cera alba)

Liquid Gold – Contains hydrolysed silk extract

Liquid Gold Rose – Contains hydrolysed silk extract

Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream –Contains hydrolysed silk extract

Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum -Contains hydrolysed silk extract

Liquid Gold Rose Hand Cream – Contains hydrolysed keratin

Essential Cleansing Balm – Contains beeswax (cera alba)


And the following salon-exclusive Liquid Laser Prescriptive products –


Liquid Laser Prescriptive Super Anti Ageing Balm – Contains beeswax (cera alba)

Liquid Laser Prescriptive Concentrate – Contains hydrolysed silk extract


Skin Concerns

I have breakouts and blemishes. What can I do?

The Clear Skin Range has been designed specifically for persistent problematic and blemish-prone skin.

It is designed to help eliminate oil and debris in the pores, control excess oil production and clear bacteria, therefore reducing breakouts and leaving a smoother and clearer complexion.

Are Alpha-H products suitable for a sensitive skin?

Alpha-H is suitable for all skin types and conditions; however, those with truly sensitive skin will need to take steps to increase their tolerance of the active ingredients to gain desired results.
The Dry/Sensitive Kit is the ideal starting point for a sensitive skin.

My skin is already oily, do I still need to use a moisturiser?

Yes. Oily skins can still lose moisture content in the upper layers of the skin and become dehydrated if not treated correctly. A perfect choice for oily / blemish-prone skins is Balancing Moisturiser.


Balancing Moisturiser is a fast absorbing lotion which moisturises, clarifies and may assist in the natural renewal and refinement of skin texture. It is perfect for oily skins as it also contains 10% Glycolic Acid which has a gentle exfoliating effect and helps prevent congestion.

My skin feels dry and looks dehydrated. What can I do to give it a boost?

Essential Hydration Concentrate is the perfect option. A powerful botanical serum it is a blend of nourishing oils rich in essential fatty acids vitamins and minerals. Repairing and rehydrating, it may be applied directly to the skin or a few drops added to your favourite moisturiser.

Is there anything I can do about dark circles?

Absolute Eye Complex contains Hibiscus Flower Extract which gently exfoliates and regulates melanin production to help lighten dark patches. It is also ideal for helping to address puffy and tired eyes.

How do I treat the first sign of ageing?

As over 80% of skin ageing is environmental and primarily caused by exposure to UV light, the best defence against skin ageing is applying a broad-spectrum SPF each day. As sun damage is accumulative it is never too late to begin and definitely the most imperative anti-ageing strategy on the market.  In addition, keeping the skin well hydrated to prevent precious moisture loss and investing in targeted solutions for particular areas of concern before they become problematic is important.

For a tailored regime and personalised advice, get in touch with one of our qualified therapists via our live skin consultations.

Do I need to use a toner?

Alpha-H cleansers are designed to thoroughly cleanse without drying the skin and have been carefully formulated to ensure pH levels are corrected, resulting in clean smooth balanced skin without the need for a toner.

Will using a sunscreen clog my pores?

Alpha-H sunscreens are all non-comedogenic, so will not clog pores on oily / blemish-prone skins and are suitable to wear under make-up. Make sure you double cleanse of an evening to ensure removal of all product and daily grime from the skin.

How does stress affect my skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the body. What is happening on the inside reflects on the outside and the skin changes accordingly.

Your Alpha-H therapist can recommend the correct products for you to deal with these changes as they occur. Alternatively, feel free to  request a live skin consultation.

Do you offer free samples?

Due to the high volume of requests for free samples we receive daily, we are not always able to provide free samples. To enable customers to try deluxe sized samples of the Alpha-H range prior to full-sized product purchase, we have created the 5 Piece sampler kit to trial at your convenience.


Does Alpha-H have their own salon?

Yes, we have a flagship Skin Clinic based at our Australian Head Quarters on the sunny Gold Coast. You can read more on our services and how to book an appointment.

Where can I find my local stockist?

You can find all of our current stockists online here and our Liquid Laser Prescriptive salons here. Alternatively, please call us directly on 1800 659 777 and our customer care team will be happy to assist with your stockist enquiry.

I'm looking for a salon which uses and stocks Alpha-H products?

If you are looking for a salon in your area which uses and sells Alpha-H products, please contact us.

How do I stock Alpha-H in my salon or business?

We are thrilled to hear you are interested in representing our brand in your business. You can fill out our stockist enquiry form here, and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

I would like to talk to a qualified therapist before I purchase these products, who should I talk to?

Our expert Alpha-H therapists are available to advise you on the correct use of our products. You can request a live online skin consultation if you are unsure which products are most appropriate for you.

Does Alpha-H offer AfterPay?

Yes! We are pleased to say that we now accept AfterPay online. Find out more about shopping our site with AfterPay.

Can I purchase Alpha-H through websites which aren't listed as official stockists on your website?

Due to the nature of our business, we do not guarantee the sale of Alpha-H products on eBay, or and will not be held responsible for any transactions made through these sites. We urge our customers to purchase our products from our authorised stockists only; you can find a list of official stockists here and official online stockists here.

If you have any concerns or questions about a particular online retailer which is not listed on our official stockists page, please contact us via this form.