Welcome to the #LiquidGoldChallenge support hub, with expert advice, how-tos and more!

Pre-Challenge Checklist

If you haven't already, tick these off to make sure you're ready to glow by night 1 of your #LiquidGoldChallenge.

  • Take selfies of your bare skin before the challenge
    so you can track your results
  • Photo tip: Take your skin photos facing a window for the best light!
  • Choose your 3 alternating Liquid Gold nights (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri OR Tues, Thurs, Sun)
  • Put away and refrain from using any other resurfacing skincare products during the challenge (e.g. retinol, serums, AHAs and BHAs) to avoid impairing your skin barrier
  • New to exfoliation? Patch test a small area before using all over

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What to Expect

Using Liquid Gold for the first time, or the first time in a while?

Here's what you can expect to see (and feel) during the #LiquidGoldChallenge.

Follow the instructions carefully over the next 21 days, and you can expect to:

  • Feel the tingle in 3 seconds - This means it's working!
  • Notice a visible glow in 3 nights (or less!) - Skin looks refreshed and radiant overnight
  • See skin transform in just 3 weeks - Feel an improvement in skin radiance, clarity, texture and tone

Results Breakdown

Results from chemical exfoliation with Glycolic Acid are cumulative.

This means the best results come from ongoing and consistent use. When used correctly, Liquid Gold is clinically proven to improve skin tone and luminosity, skin texture and skin elasticity.

It's basically the closest thing you can get to a professional skin treatment, at home.


How Liquid Gold Works

After Day 1:

Skin feels smoother and looks more refreshed, like you've had a great night's sleep. Makeup also applies beautifully.

This is because Glycolic Acid dissolves the bonds that hold dead skin cells together on the skin's surface, which clears the way for fresher, plumper skin cells.

After Week 1:

Skin appears visibly brighter, more even and radiant, as Glycolic Acid continues lifting dead skin cells. 

This includes dead skin cells stained with pigment that can make skin appear uneven or mottled.


After Week 3:

Glycolic Acid has removed the majority of upper dead skin cells.

Increased cellular turnover is also stimulating your skin's ability to produce its own Hyaluronic Acid and collagen.

The result? Skin appears smoother, plumper and more radiant.

Surface hyperpigmentation looks less noticeable, open pores appear refined and less visible, and the appearance of fine lines are minimised, too.

How to Use Liquid Gold Like a Skin Expert

Here's your breakdown of exactly how to use Liquid Gold to get the results Alpha-H is famous for!


Liquid Gold Hacks

Liquid Gold performs best on its own as layering with other products makes the treatment less effective.

Skin is slightly sensitive? Layer Liquid Gold with the Alpha-H Golden Haze Face Oil or your preferred moisturiser once skin is dry.

Don't forget to swipe excess exfoliant from your pad on the backs of your arms, elbows or even dry heels!

Feel a slight tingling sensation on the skin after applying Liquid Gold? This means it's working! This will linger for a few minutes before dissipating.

Burning and stinging isn't normal - if you experience this, please stop use and let us know so we can assist.

P.S. We're Serious About Wearing SPF Every Day!

You won't see visible results from exfoliation unless you're protecting your skin by wearing sunscreen every single day.

Always apply and re-apply an adequate amount of your chosen broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, but especially after using Liquid Gold the night before.

Answering Your Liquid Gold FAQs

Check out more in-depth answers to the most common Alpha-H Liquid Gold questions our customer care team of skin experts receives below!